Our cummerbund and bow-tie sets

Have you seen our cummerbund and bow-tie sets? We have a beautiful and varied selection. A few to mention include our colourful sets; a deviation from the traditional black, it retains a formality whilst adding a swathe of colour to the occasion. Our Napoleonic bee remains a favourite for black-tie occasions. The formal but fun fabric adds a relaxed sophistication to a classic dinner suit. Or how about our Cummerbund and Bow-Tie sets in black silk; a classic dinner suit accessory, exceptionally apt for any occasion. Timeless.Favourbrook cummerbund and bow tie sets

Favourbrook produces small runs of menswear and womenswear set apart by both peerless quality and aesthetic panache. Designed in London and handmade in the UK and Europe, this is formalwear with a difference: memorable clothing for memorable occasions.
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