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Summer Blues

Jun 10, 2020

For thousands of years, the colour blue has been revered and sought-after for its ethereal connotations. The Virgin Mary was depicted in it, Royal families appropriated it, Yves Klein patented it and Pablo Picasso spent the three years between 1901 and 1904 painting exclusively with it. 

This season at Favourbrook, we’ve made it an integral part of our summer collection and in many different and wonderful guises. We love it for its versatility and just how easy it is to wear and incorporate into your wardrobe. The diversity of blue hues we have used really demonstrate the colour’s flexibility: a sky blue can appear cool and refined; a rich navy conveys intensity and depth; a vibrant cobalt is almost tropical. Moody blues? We see nothing but sophisticated and uplifting hues perfect for summer occasions.

Our summer coats are an excellent canvas for different expressions of blue, from our pale blue Eton coat in crease-resistant linen with tonal embroidery to our Westminster coat in cornflower blue. Far from being ‘cold’, the lighter blue tones have a wonderful depth to them, referencing the hues of delicate spring flowers. In dresses, there are strong blue tones to accentuate confident femininity, as seen in our Edwina circle skirt dress in navy Vienna organza or our Josephine dress in navy silk shantung. Navy might traditionally be the realm of the men, but when it’s used in a playful, feminine context, it really does convey sophisticated confidence. Nowhere is this more evident than in our culotte jumpsuit which we have cut in a brilliant cobalt blue crepe.

Silk is a wonderful fabric for blue as the delicate handle and shiny finish really brings out the nuances in tone, especially with some of the darker hues. This season, we have created a beautiful pair of silk cigarette trousers in an intense navy designed to be worn with a matching scoop-neck top for a very elegant outfit for night or day. If we move along the spectrum towards turquoise, you’ll find a much more vibrant and energetic aesthetic ideal for those looking for a bold summer outfit to turn heads. Our teal silk Louisa dress is a light and summery silk tunic dress and features a full-length blouson sleeve gathered into cuffs. For a tonal look, it pairs beautifully with our mid-length Therese coat in Azure Turbino jacquard.

If you’re planning a look for a summer wedding, or are simply looking to invigorate your seasonal wardrobe, don’t overlook the impact blue can have. Far from being moody or cold, it’s a wonderfully expressive colour you will love season after season. 

Favourbrook produces small runs of menswear and womenswear set apart by both peerless quality and aesthetic panache. Designed in London and handmade in the UK and Europe, this is formalwear with a difference: memorable clothing for memorable occasions.
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