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A Very Favourbrook Father's Day

Jun 1, 2020

It being Father’s Day on June 21st should give us plenty of opportunities to give thanks to the ol’ boy for dotingly navigating fatherhood sans manual or instruction booklet. Blindly us sons followed, and blindly at times did he lead, but as we too become fathers, we know all too well the swirls and eddies rising up in those uncharted waters he guided us through.

Fatherhood isn’t so much a role as an attitude, and the best ones maintain a lifelong willingness to experience all of its nuances, while still maintaining a modicum of boyishness throughout, one that solidifies the unique connection between father and son. Some fathers impart wisdom by the nurturing book-load, others are wont to throw you in the deep end and extend you a hand when you can no longer tread water. All great fathers have their methods, as different and at times bonkers as they are, but you are here to tell their tale, so they must have done more than a few things right.

The first and foremost method of showing your gratitude is of course by telling him how important he is. Second to that comes putting your hand in your pocket and splashing out on something which conveys your emotional connection, which is not always as easy as it sounds. However, we have just the things at Favourbrook - garments and accessories to make him feel special and cherished. From beautifully embroidered waistcoats he can wear to mark an important occasion (or the next time he’ll be able to have a flutter at Ascot) to stunning Irish linen safari shirts he can sport while in the garden, pouring over the Sunday papers. Or perhaps a pair of Moire silk braces to wear with his favourite trousers on smart occasions, or that velvet smoking jacket he has always wanted to satisfy his secret David Niven man crush?

Whatever you decide to honour him with on June 21st, enjoy your time together.

Favourbrook produces small runs of menswear and womenswear set apart by both peerless quality and aesthetic panache. Designed in London and handmade in the UK and Europe, this is formalwear with a difference: memorable clothing for memorable occasions.
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