Made To Measure

While our ready-to-wear clothing is designed to fit as broad a standard size as possible it is very clear that some of us will want our clothing to undergo more than a slight alteration to look our best.

It is the nature of formal tailoring, with it’s close fitting jackets, body skimming waistcoats and critical lengths of hems, sleeves and trouser legs, that often an element of customisation is called for. That customisation may involve tailored alterations to an existing garment, or may be better suited to our made to measure service.

In the latter scenario, our tailors hand-cut to your specific measurements in our London work rooms, to produce garments exactly fitting your body shape.

In consultation with our highly trained staff, you can decide which of our made-to-measure services will be best suited to both your body shape and budget. Following initial measurements, it is at this stage that linings, buttons and other details are specified, your garments will be prepared for fitting. These will then be pinned and marked to fit you at your fitting appointment, approximately four weeks from the time your measurements were taken. Back in the workroom in Whitechapel, your garments will be finished and returned to the store for your final approval and collection, again approximately four weeks later.

If you would like to find out more about this service, please do contact us (or drop in and visit) and one of our made to measure experts will give you all the information you desire.

Favourbrook produces small runs of menswear and womenswear set apart by both peerless quality and aesthetic panache. Designed in London and handmade in the UK and Europe, this is formalwear with a difference: memorable clothing for memorable occasions.
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