Roman Holiday

One of our favourite ever films here at Favourbrook is Willy Wyler's Roman Holiday starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. Set against the glorious backdrop of the Eternal City, the romantic comedy beautifully intertwines humour, romance, and the exploration of freedom. Hepburn plays a Princess tired of her regal duties and keen breathe in the chaos of Rome, while Peck's character is an American journalist, who recognising an opportunity for a sensational story, offers her shelter. As they explore the city together, their blossoming connection unfolds amidst a series of delightful escapades.

We recently took our winter collection to Rome, and while we had neither a Hepburn or Peck in tow, we did have up our tailored sleeve an Italian Bryan Ferry! 

 Olive Velvet Cotton Artist Jacket

Olive Velvet Cotton
Artist Jacket

Cream Cord Dress Trouser

Cream Cord
Dress Trouser

Rome was the perfect backdrop for this new collection. The city does of course have a long and storied tailoring tradition, so dressing up is very much part of the Roman social vernacular. No one batted an eyelid as we walked through the cobbled streets in ivory tailored trousers and velvets jackets.

Navy Velvet Cotton Dinner Jacket

Navy Velvet Cotton
Dinner Jacket

Light Blue Rockwell Cotton Pleated Pintuck Dress Shirt

Light Blue Rockwell Cotton
Pleated Pintuck Dress Shirt

Blue Chaldon Wool Tie

Blue Chaldon
Wool Tie

The Roman style is very cosmopolitan, and the discerning locals enjoy wearing quite bold suits, whereas the Tuscans over in Florence tend to wear quite a lot of tweed. But when the sun went down and it was time for la passeggiata, our sartorial looks went down a treat, combining formalwear elements such as velvet dinner jackets with casual elements such as denim.

 Sapphire Blue Velvet Shawl Lapel Dinner Jacket

Sapphire Blue Velvet Shawl
Lapel Dinner Jacket

Rust Grantham Single-Breasted Waistcoat

Rust Grantham Single-
Breasted Waistcoat

The amber glow of Roman streets perfectly complemented the fabrics in this collection. Velvet and silk really come alive under the lights so it was a joy to see our jackets and waistcoats in their element.

 Tartan Lindsey Double-Breasted Waistcoat with Lapel

Tartan Lindsey Double-
Breasted Waistcoat

Racing Green Velvet Cotton Dinner Jacket

Racing Green Velvet
Cotton Dinner Jacket

Rome is an enchanting city, no doubt about it, and one of the more stylish in Italy (Milan, Florence, and Naples will hate to hear it). If it happens to be on your itinerary anytime soon, can we suggest a pilgrimage to Alfredo alla Scrofa for the naughtiest fettucine that will ever pass your lips, before heading over to the excellent bar at Chapter Roma, a stunning design hotel, where the negroni's are less 'sharpeners' and more 'finishers'.