Happy New Year!

Well that came around quickly! Here at Favourbrook, we can’t thank you, our customers, enough for all the loyalty and support you have shown us in the past 12 months. After multiple lockdowns, and a dearth of weddings, we knew that 2022 had the potential to be a busy year but we had no idea of the wedding onslaught that was to come! It has been extremely gratifying knowing that we were dressing so many grooms for their big day, and so many mothers of the brides, too.

Of course, it hasn’t been easy. I can’t remember a time when supply chains were as fraught as they have been this year due to the pandemic hangover. A Herculean effort was required from everyone from the suppliers of fabrics to our own store staff, who seemed to be thwarted by rail chaos every other week! I can’t thank you all enough for your enthusiasm and dedication.

One of the highlights of the year was undoubtedly Royal Ascot, where we continue in our role of Official Licensee for Menswear. It is a great honour, and one that we are extremely proud of, hence it was wonderful to see so many Favourbrook morning suits and waistcoats at Ascot this year. Our team had a thoroughly good time there. Didn’t back a single winner, of course!

Our Womenswear team continues to amaze me. Theresa and Sophie deliver stunning collections season after season. The fact that they have developed such a loyal customer base is testament to their skill, dedication, and enthusiasm. Ladies, you are a tour de force!

Menswear excelled themselves this year, and really had their hands full with a bumper wedding season and a full power Royal Ascot. After all the lockdowns, it was wonderful to witness the fervour for getting dressed up and having fun, and we're very proud that so many of our customers decided to honour the spirit with Favourbrook formalwear.

We are very much looking forward to launching our new Spring and Summer collections next year, where you can expect some beautiful new linen suiting in menswear, as well as a new womenswear collection featuring our perennial silhouettes in new luxury fabrics, and brought to life by a vibrant colour palette.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year, and that 2023 is everything you wish for.