How to tie a Full Windsor knot

For some reason or other, the Full Windsor has developed a reputation as being a difficult knot to tie, perhaps because it is the largest of common tie knots. But like with most things in life, size doesn't matter - it's all in the execution! 

As you might have guessed, the knot is named after the Duke of Windsor but not because he invented it, nor did he ever use it. In fact he used the more common four-in-hand style but did so with ties of a very thick fabrication, hence the plump size. It's thought that given he was such a popular style icon of the time, the public tried to imitate him with their much thinner ties, thus creating a thicker knot. However it came to be, what's certain is that it a very bold knot perfect for weddings or formal events where a wide spread collar shirt or cutaway collar can accommodate the large, triangular knot. Watch our video to learn how to perfect the Full Windsor tie knot. 

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