Lightweight morning coats for summer events

Of all the pieces of classic men’s sartoria, the morning coat is the master of them all. Used only for a handful of the most formal occasions today – the State Opening of Parliament, Investitures, royal garden parties, weddings, memorial services and the race meetings of Epsom and Ascot – it is the emblem of heritage, history and considered luxury. Where a bride divests all of her wishes, whims and hopes into her wedding dress, the groom must place his most elegant self within the finely tailored contours of his morning coat, and while one may not appear too dissimilar to another, the morning coat’s nuances are subtle, myriad, and not to be overlooked. From the choice of fabric to the tail length and lapel width, a gentleman has many a consideration to make in order to look his most regal and elegant best.


Navy Furlong Wool Morning Coat

Navy Furlong Wool
Morning Coat

Navy Furlong Wool High Waisted Flat Front Trouser

Navy Furlong Wool High-Waisted
Flat Front Trouser

But what about the weight?! Many morning coats are made from a midweight wool cloth and often feature wadding to give it shape. If you've ever tried on a vintage morning coat, it can often feel like an overcoat, and not at all comfortable or practical if you have to stand around in it for hours on a scorching hot summer's day! At Favourbrook however, we understand that the chances of you wearing a morning suit in the summer rather than the winter are very high, hence why we've created a number of different lightweight styles.

Chesham Black Morning Coat

Chesham Black
Morning Coat

Royal Ascot Stripe Trouser

Royal Ascot
Stripe Trouser

Charcoal Wellington Merino Wool Morning Coat

Charcoal Wellington Merino
Wool Morning Coat

Charcoal Wellington Wool Flat Front Trouser

Charcoal Wellington Wool
Flat Front Trouser

Both the navy Furlong coat and the charcoal Wellington, as well as our black Chesham morning coat, are all very lightweight, being cut from Super 120s extra fine merino wool cloth. They are also half-canvassed, which reduces a lot of the weight compared with a fully canvassed coat. Our Windsor herringbone (woven with Yorkshire wool) and Bedford cord jackets are only a touch heavier, but would still be considered lightweight and perfect for summer events.

So from henceforth it will only be mad dogs and Englishmen who have not shopped at Favourbrook that will be flailing about in the midday sun!  

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