Looking forward to summer wedding style

If this year is to be even remotely like the last, then one's mantelpiece might already be bowing under the weight of wedding invitations. The pandemic caused a huge backlog in the matrimonial supply chain, which is still unravelling now. All of which means that this summer looks to be another busy one in wedding venues up and down the country. For wedding guests, that poses the happy problem of what to wear! Bold tones and busy floral prints are very much in vogue, as well as soft textural linen silhouettes. Wedding outfits require just the right degree of sophistication and conservatism, while also being fun, and we think we've struck that perfect balance at Favourbrook this season.

Beautiful Botanics

We've long been proponents of floral motifs in our designs so it was good to see plenty of flora and fauna on the SS23 runways in Paris and Milan last year. Nature is, after all, the greatest muse a designer could wish for, and this season is most definitely in bloom at Favourbrook, with stunning botanical prints across a range of linen and silk dresses and coats. Intricate florals as well as bold and busy styles are the order of the day, played out in a vibrant colour palette. 

For the Love of Linen

Linen is a wonderful summer fabric, blessed with a lightness and unique textural quality like no other natural fibre. It's derived from the flax plant with the best quality yarns coming from Ireland and Belgium. It takes dye extremely well, especially the pastel shades, but also brighter tones too.

We've used it extensively this season for its slightly textural, slubby finish, and while many people veer away from it because of it's natural ability to crease, we actually use a crease-resistant cloth in most cases. It's also a beautiful cloth upon which to embroider, and so you'll find lots of delicate floral handwork in our summer coat collection, all of which are perfect for attending this season's weddings.

Casual Classics

For the more laidback wedding occasions, the crepe jumpsuit is a wonderfully sophisticated option to a dress, and so we have expanded our colour range to include more chic tones. Worn belted beneath one of our linen coats, the jumpsuit makes for a very svelte silhouette, and although casual, is nevertheless very refined.

We can't wait to show you our full Spring/Summer 23 collection shortly. We're confident you'll discover seasonal coats and dresses that you'll treasure for many years to come.