Night Owls: Two Coats For All Seasons

If your wardrobe has been wrong-footed by this recent heatwave, then you're not the only one. Just when we thought it was time to bag up our lightweight summer dresses, coats, and jackets, we're blindsided by the hottest day of the September! Launching Fall collections into one of the hottest weeks of the year is a hoot!

Yet changeable weather and inter-seasonal shifts in temperature remind us just how important versatility is in our wardrobes. If only it could be as simple as having four seasonal wardrobes. Perhaps in some countries that's more feasible, but in the UK one requires a dextrous wardrobe to navigate the mercurial climate. One genre that is less subject to change is formalwear, and especially eveningwear. Yes, on the whole, slightly heavier fabrics come into play in winter, such as velvet, but even then, try on one of our velvet coats and you'll realise there isn't a great deal of difference. 

Eveningwear, by its very nature, tends to be lightweight, fluid, and at times revealing, in the sense of sheer fabrics such as chiffon offering a semi-opaque glimpse of skin. Often, silk is the defining feature of an evening coat or jacket, beautifully embellished with embroidery. For our new Fall 23 collection, we wanted to create a pair of short jackets that one could wear to smart evening engagements through the year. Short, because that silhouette is so much more adaptable to the different seasons than, say, a long-line silhouette.

Midnight Decadence

The short Swing Coat is a three-quarter length tunic style cut in expertly woven Italian silk jacquard, featuring 3/4 bell sleeves with feather details that hark back to an era of timeless glamour. The shimmering blue tones are exceptionally dramatic under evening lights, while the feathers bring a glamorous 1920s sensibility to the silhouette.


Swing Coat Cobalt Black
Broderick Silk Jacquard


Eastern Refinement

Our Kemi jacket is a stunning lightweight eveningwear option that takes inspiration from the short Kimono jackets of ancient Japanese culture. Cut in divine Italian printed silk devore chiffon, the unique silhouette combined with the vibrant floral colours is a certain head-turner for a winter evening. The silhouette can be styled in both smart and casual ways, while the chiffon fabric softens the black tone, allowing you to wear it season round as a dynamic and confidently feminine layer. 

 Kemi Jacket Black Red Carrick Silk Devore Chiffon

Kemi Jacket Black Red
Carrick Silk Devore Chiffon