Spring/Summer 22 Womenswear Collection - A Ray Of Light

Favourbrook is pleased to announce the launch of our new Spring/Summer 22 womenswear collection, featuring a vibrant array of new styles and updated classics to shine a ray of light on your sophisticated summer wardrobe this season.

Our primary inspiration for the collection was the inherent energy contained within colours and their ability to lift our moods and buoy our spirits. Humans have an innate response to different hues on the spectrum. Said responses are nevertheless unique and individual, so we wanted to explore that further with a collection that spikes our visual sense through tones but also textures. Hence you'll find beautifully subtle tactile intricacies in many of the cloths, alongside bold uses of colour and tonality. 

From playful feminine summer dresses to svelte silhouettes for elegant eveningwear, the collection is covers all the style bases. With confident tones and vibrant patterns easily assimilated into a contemporary wardrobe, this collection is punctuated by a bold femininity.

All of your favourite, timeless Favourbrook silhouettes are present throughout dresses and summer jackets, alongside a few new surprises. So whether you are looking for a new statement long-line jacket for a wedding or a sophisticated day dress for Royal Ascot, this collection has an abundance of elegant options.

Explore the Spring Summer 22 Collection