The Register - July edition

Here we are, at the peak of the British summer (accompanied by the odd flash flood of course), primed and ready to get dressed up in our seasonal finery and make hay while the sun (sporadically) shines. This month, we're focusing our attention on some summer staples for men, notably the linen suit and one of our all time favourite casual pieces, the safari shirt, which should give context to the image we used of Clark Gable in the 1953 flick Mogambo, featuring Ava Gardner and a young Grace Kelly, all of whom charge around Africa with bolt-action rifles while attempting to maintain a bizarre love triangle (on a side note, Doris Day once described Gable " masculine as any man I’ve ever known, and as much a little boy as a grown man could be," but I digress). It isn't Gable's brooding masculinity that is quite so interesting as it is his safari shirt, which is top notch. So that's where we'll start...enjoy! 

The Safari shirt

A timeless staple for decades, the safari jacket combines functionality with effortless style. At Favourbrook, we evolved the design from jacket to shirt, making it more wearable and easy to assimilate into your wardrobe. So if you want to summon your inner Roger Moore or Clark Gable, or are simply after a versatile shirt you can wear with a multitude of casual outfits, you'll definitely want to read this. Naturally, we've crafted ours in a beautifully soft Irish linen because we love the textural finish and lightweight nature of the fabric, not to mention its sustainability credentials. Another upside is that they're currently in our sale so make the most of the opportunity while it lasts!

Suited for summer

If like me, you've been corralled into attending umpteen weddings this summer, you'll be pleased to discover that there is a very simple (and elegant) way to negate the question of what to wear - the linen suit. At Favourbrook, we have a number of two-piece linen suits that tick every box: stylish, lightweight, able to be worn as separates, and highly unlikely to be trumped by other guests. In fact only last week did I attend a wedding in our tobacco linen Casablanca suit and was pleased to find that almost all of the other male guests had decided to wear pretty nondescript navy wool suits.




Provided you don't wear it as a day-in-day-out fabric, linen ages beautifully to, conforming to your body shape over time. The pastel colours we have created ours in are also very amenable to any number of shirt and tie configurations so you won't be short of styling options. Click here to discover this season's linen suits and make a smart impression wherever you go this summer.

Favourbrook Womenswear Sale

Shop the Favourbrook SALE!

Aperol spritz, lazy days of poolside reading, delicious gelato, the smell of Mediterranean flora and fauna, and the Favourbrook sale - all vital ingredients of the perfect summer! Ok, so we may have shoehorned the sale in there but it really is a great opportunity to elevate your wardrobe for less. At Favourbrook Womenswear, there are some stunning steals to be had including up to 50% off a vast array of summer-ready linen coats and our timeless silk dresses. Our menswear sale is more comprehensive than it has ever been, with a huge selection of multi-seasonal gems including waistcoats, suits, and shirts. If you want to upgrade your wardrobe for less, then jump in...