Defiant in Pink

After the tumultuous first half of the year, there are only two ways to go about dressing - the first is to admit defeat, slip into our loungewear and let life idly pass until something better happens. The second is to make a bright and vibrant stand, to not be cowed by disaster and instead fight back with a riot of colour! Well, that's what we think here at Favourbrook!

A beautiful blonde haired lady wearing an ornate luxury pink silk jacket.

There's no better colour to do that with this season than pink. It screams confidence, vivacity and fun, while still managing to be chic and sophisticated. We have created a number of stunning pieces that tap into the full tonal range of this magnificent hue, from statement-making fuchsia to the softer, more delicate tones of peach. We think you'll find just what you need to rise above the chaos this year.


Beautiful blonde-haired lady wearing a stunning silk jacket and pink dress by Favourbrook.