Summer dinner jackets

We're noisy advocates of black tie. There's just something very special about the dinner jacket (or tuxedo in the US) that immediately brings to mind old school glamour and special celebrations. We think of the Rat Pack, the Oscars and various other awards ceremonies where the great and the good (with some reprobates thrown in too) party into the night, the disco ball lights dancing off their black grosgrain silk lapels and silk-striped trousers.

All very romantic, all very traditional. But in the summer, black tie can sometimes seem like a buzzkill when all you want colour and pattern. At Favourbrook, we've long championed individual expression, which is why we started creating embellished dinner jackets right from day one. Some people just want to make a splash, so our dinner jackets are the proverbial springboards.

 Navy Belvoir Silk / Wool Dinner Jacket

Navy Belvoir Silk/
Wool Dinner Jacket

Navy Petersham Linen Embroidered Dinner Jacket

Navy Petersham Linen
Embroidered Dinner Jacket

Still cut using the very same and elegant dinner jacket block, each season we create a number of different embellished dinner jackets around a floral theme. Vibrant but never gaudy, our embellished dinner jackets are full of colour and confidence, perfect for special occasions. With both silk and linen styles, we have created a capsule that is replete with options for every time of the year, too.

 Stone Bressingham Linen Newport Jacket

Stone Bressingham
Linen Newport Jacket

Ivory Theobold Cotton Dinner Jacket

Ivory Theobold Cotton
Dinner Jacket

One style perfect for formal summer engagements is the ivory dinner jacket. Less formal than the white version, but no less elegant, the ivory dinner jacket is the perfect canvas for flashes of bold accessories, or you can keep it traditional with more muted bow ties and pocket squares. Either way, it's a great choice for the party at formal summer weddings.

 Navy Botanics Silk Dinner Jacket

Navy Botanics Silk
Dinner Jacket

Midnight Audley Silk / Wool Chaucer Jacket

Midnight Audley Silk/
Wool Chaucer Jacket

Velvet is simply too hot for the summer so reserve that rich pile for your autumn and winter events and stick to silk and cotton this season. Navy silk dinner jackets are less of a statement than the aforementioned ivory, but can be quite fun and dramatic nevertheless. We have created a few navy styles this season that should be at the top of your considerations if you're looking to deviate from the black or midnight tux.