How to tie the perfect Four-in-hand knot

The most popular of tie knots, the four-in-hand is the one we've been tying since we were at school. It is the all-rounder of the tie knots, perfect for most business situations and classic spread collars. The four-in-hand gets its name from the way carriage drivers of old would knot their reins, hence keeping four horses in one hand. 

The four-in-hand is characterised by a small, neat and compact knot that is great for all but the thickest of ties. It is less triangular than the half or full Windsor knots so not suitable for formal occasions, but it can still look extremely smart when tied correctly, often creating a nice dimple in the wide blade of the tie. While the Windsor knots are typically used for formalwear, do note that many people still prefer the small four-in-hand with a morning suit, not least Prince Charles.

Our video will show you how to perfect it in order to get a small, neat knot perfect for everyday business attire.

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