Revel in the Carnaby Coat

If you were born in the 60s and are reading this, congratulations on having all of your faculties together! You made it out of one of the most socially and culturally enlightening decades in modern memory, a time when drugs were easier to score than a baseball game! The 60s were a melting pot of, well, just about everything. Tumultuous doesn't even begin to describe them, but most importantly they were a period of uncompromising self-expression, made manifest in the fashions and design of the time.

This writer was, sadly, not even close to knocking on the revolving door of existence in the 60s, but has however consumed enough archival Woodstock footage and Rolling Stones documentaries to be an honorary member, fully appreciative of the styles and clothing that shaped a decade. And so it feels only right that we have named on of our perennial coats after one of London's most famous and fashionable epicentres of that cultural surge 60 years ago - Carnaby Street. 

 Carnaby Coat Cobalt Azalea Silk Satin

Carnaby Coat Cobalt
Azalea Silk Satin

The Carnaby Coat is cut in a stunning long-line silhouette punctuated by a very delicate mandarin collar. The below-the-knee finish combined with the collar creates a very flattering and svelte shape, and this season we have applied it to five different and striking styles.

Pictured above, the Cobalt Azalea silk satin style features contrast piping on the cuffs, collar, and down the centre front, and also features fabric-covered buttons. The tonal blue design and intricate pattern make it perfect for both formal and semi-formal occasions. It's especially striking when worn with a white or ivory cocktail dress to allow the nuances of the blue tones to really dance.

 Carnaby Coat Black Pink Virginia Silk Jacquard

Carnaby Coat Black Pink
Virginia Silk Jacquard

Our black and pink Virginia silk jacquard version of the Carnaby coat is equally striking for its romantic gothic charm, accentuated by a delicately encased floral pattern. Also coming in a beautifully soft Baroque silk satin is a style that features a pattern inspired by archival patterns from the 60s. This bold and colourful motif playfully jumps from a black silk background and is just the thing to lift your spirits when heading somewhere sophisticated on an evening.

 Carnaby Coat Black Baroque Silk Satin

Carnaby Coat Black Baroque Silk Satin

We couldn't resist creating the Carnaby coat in our favourite winter fabric, velvet, so much so that we produced two styles, one in a sumptuous aubergine tone and the other in a dark grey. The latter is unique in that it features a scalloped hem and exquisite patterning rising from the skirt.


Carnaby Coat Dark
Grey Sorrel Silk Velvet

The aubergine version is rich and minimalist, both strikingly dark and chic, perfect for elegant eveningwear occasions, but can also be worn with more casual daywear. The lining features a tonal polka dot pattern which adds a vibrant flash of playfulness when you move.


Carnaby Coat Aubergine
Cotton Velvet

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