The October Register - Ghouls' Gold

October is of course the month of Halloween, that age-old event where the nation's octogenarians are wheeled out from their homes to scare our sugar-hungry innocents, and the capital's savvy youth target the streets of Belgravia where (as everyone knows) the best sweets are heartily dished out, and where the competition for 'Halloween House of the Year' is a fiercely fought contest that has cut short many a marriage. So for this edition of the Register, we thought we would be absolute ghouls and sprinkle it with some Halloweenish advice. Enjoy!

The Halloween Parties to be seen at...

In modern parlance, the word 'Halloween' actually means 'dress up like an obscure cultural reference and drink until the amber light of a black cab looks like an approaching pumpkin.' Collectively, we seem to do very well at that, but some more so than others. The movers and shakers will be at Annabel's of course, where we're told that Halloween tickets sell out faster than cushioned loo paper at a Kensington corner store during a pandemic. If you've managed to land one then we admit to feeling like one of Cinderella's sisters when they realise she is the belle of the ball. Green monsters aside, 5 Hertford Street is also said to put on a splendid Halloween party. If you like your Halloween with a bit more guts, then you'll feel right at home in the London Dungeon during its haunted house themed takeover from October 15 until the 31st. Personally, we'll be heading to Ronnie Scott's in Soho on the 31st for a Halloween special called "Blues for Dracula". Nothing like a bit of maudlin improv and bourbon to awaken the spirits.

Where there's smoke... there's fine tailoring

Gentlemen, it is officially smoking jacket season. Whether you have a formal event to attend and wish to eschew the traditional black tie ensemble for something more provocative, or you simply want to swish around the house like the ghost of Fred Astaire, then we have a beautiful assortment of styles in which to do so. Here's everything you need to know about the modern robe de chambre...

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The Ann & Gordon Getty Collection at Christie's - 11-25th October

There's nothing really Halloweenish about this one, although you may feel like killing someone if you find yourself outbid because the Ann & Gordon Getty collection, being auctioned by Christies from 11-25 October is full of incredible works of art, treasures, home furnishings, jewellery, and handbags. It is a smorgasbord of culturally important gems that the Gettys collected over the course of a lifetime. Ladies, the jewellery and handbags lot catalogue is a must see, here's what Christie's has to say about it:

"Nearly 1,500 superlative works of decorative and fine arts will be offered by Christie’s from the couple’s San Francisco residence. Proceeds from the sale this October will benefit the Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation for the Arts, dedicated to the support of arts and science organizations." 

Green with Envy (and winter coats)

Green-eyed monsters are sure to be a common sight in October. Ghoulish masks aside, our womenswear collection also has a number of envy-inducing coats of shades of green that are perfect for elegant winter occasions. It's also the colour that's most easily visible to the human eye. Click through to discover an array of verdant creations perfect for the upcoming months.

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Pumpkin Iron - a tale of steroidal squash

No Halloween newsletter would be quite complete without a tale of vegetal monstrosity, and so we present you with a marvellous short account of the science behind growing the world's biggest pumpkins, courtesy of The New Yorker. Apparently us Brits used to hold pretty much all of the world records for growing ridiculously humongous vegetables but have since been usurped by our cousins over the pond, where bigger, as we know, is always better . A short read, but full of body. Happy Halloween!