The Register ✨ New Year Edition ✨

Happy New Year! First of all, a huge thank you for supporting Favourbrook throughout the most tumultuous year any of us has ever experienced. 2020 was a brawl, replete with sucker punches, eye gauges, head butts and various other underhand blows, but we're still here! 2021 will no doubt throw us all some curveballs but if 2020 taught us anything it was that resilience, creativity and solidarity will win through in the end.

So with that in mind, we've curated a thoroughly positive Register for you this month, one that looks to the future with a list of the key events to see and be seen at in the British Season and what to wear when you're there. With swathes now being vaccinated, we're hoping that the social calendar in 2021 won't be too disrupted by the coronavirus, and that we'll all be able to dress up in our finery with friends and loved ones. In the meantime, kick back and enjoy some of our favourite finds from around the internet this month, including some hilarity from the New Yorker, travel nouse from Suitcase magazine's podcast (because who doesn't want to get away in 2021?!) and much more!


The Favourbrook SALE

We would be remiss if we didn't remind you that our SALE is currently ongoing with some fantastic sartorial options for menswear and some stunning womenswear pieces for the ladies. What better way to spruce up your New Year wardrobe than with a timeless garment of elegance and sophistication? With any luck, you'll actually have a bunch of reasons to get dressed up in 2021 so prime your wardrobe now in anticipation of good times to come! 


Just For Laughs

While the New Yorker is typically renowned for its erudite long reads and cultural and political discourse, it also regularly throws up some dry-humoured hilarity. The magazine's cartoons and its Shouts & Murmurs section can always be relied upon for laughs, but the digital version of the mag takes things a step further, with some genuinely bone-dry funny video content. Start the New Year with a smile on your face!



The Best Reads of 2020

We're staying with the New Yorker for this one, because who's better to trust with your reading list for 2021? From histories of the vikings, to Nobel prize-winning authors, the New Yorker staff picks are eclectic and brilliant in equal measure and if this list is all you manage to read in 2021, you'll be a better person for it.


To see and be seen: the Season ahead

Henley Royal Regatta

If 2020 was an "Annus horribilis" (it makes 1992 - when that term was embedded in the public consciousness by the Queen - look like a walk in the park), we're looking at 2021 through entirely more optimistic lens, hoping that a semblance of normality will soon resume and we shall all be able to enjoy life to the fullest once more. And at Favourbrook, that means experiencing the joy of getting dressed up for memorable occasions.


The Interview: Vanity Fair meets Princess Anne

One of our favourite reads of 2020 came courtesy of Vanity Fair which ran a fantastic piece on Princess Anne. Candid and revealing, it's a fascinating interview, touching on philanthropy, family and royal change. It also features some fantastic archive imagery, demonstrating Princess Anne's fabulous style through the decades. Her approach to tailoring and occasionwear is second to none - proof that timelessness and elegance will always win the day! 


The Dreamer: faraway tales by Suitcase magazine

When we have finally shuffled off this coronavirus coil, the first thing many of us will want to do is travel, because who doesn't need a holiday?! Quite when and how still remains something of an unknown, but rest assured that when tourist travel resumes in earnest, the airways are going to be full of heady holidaymakers frothing for their bit of sun, sea, sand and whatever else tickles their collective fancy. Hence, you're going to need to play smart to avoid the hordes. Cue Suitcase Magazine, one of our favourite reads here at Favourbrook. It artfully amalgamates beautiful design with cultural nouse and achingly cool fashion editorials to deliver an altogether smart approach to travel. Their excellent podcast is also worth a listen, which is why we've included it in this month's Register. This episode shares with you the trips their travel editors are planning, the hotel openings on their radar and the travel trends on the horizon. Well worth a listen for inspiring faraway plans. 


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