The season of the navy velvet dinner jacket

Call this our paean of one of the finest black tie options around: the navy velvet dinner jacket. The very first dinner jackets were constructed in midnight navy supposedly because it looks blacker than black under lights, which can have a tinge of brown to it. And while we of course are big fans of the classic midnight tuxedo jacket, there's something special about its velvet cousin. 

It's probably something to do wish that plush cotton velvet pile and how the light reacts to it that makes it our most popular alternative black tie option. As one moves, it creates a dance of colour and texture that draws the eye to it. At the same time, the contrast black silk grosgrain lapels perfectly frame the face, softly swooping to the naval where the single-button closure creates a neat, svelte silhouette.

Navy Velvet Cotton Dinner Jacket

Navy Velvet Cotton
Dinner Jacket

Black Hampton Wool Flat Front Dress Trouser

Black Hampton Wool
Flat-Front Dress Trouser

Black Duchesse Satin Silk Bow Tie

Black Duchesse Satin
Silk Bow Tie

The navy velvet dinner jacket is glamorous without trying too hard. The texture and tactility brings to life a black tie ensemble and lets you stand out without even trying. It accompanies black satin stripe trousers as well as any black dinner jacket can, while a black silk or black velvet bow tie is in good company among those black silk lapels. 

As a traditional black tie alternative, we think there is no better than the navy velvet dinner jacket.  The muted midnight tone could hardly be called extravagant, and yet the fact that it is constructed in a soft rich velvet pile makes it seem so. If you have a busy formalwear season this year and are looking to give your traditional black or midnight dinner jacket a few nights off, you'd do well to consider the navy velvet dinner jacket as a more than worthy replacement.

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