Waistcoat, tie and pocket square - to match or mix?

One question we often get asked in store is whether or not to mix or match one's waistcoat with one's tie and pocket square. The question is usually posed in relation to morning dress for a wedding but we feel that the answer is just as applicable to all types of sartorial style, whether it be a business suit or semi-casual tailoring.

And the answer is quite simple... mix!


Olive Wool Double-
Breasted Shawl
Lapel Waistcoat


Dusky Pink
Douppion Silk Tie


Victoria Champagne
Silk Pocket Square

Now we can appreciate that if matching this sartorial trio is your thing and you're comfortable doing so, then great, but we feel strongly that you would be missing an aesthetic trick by not opting for three unique items of different tones and/or patterns.

Parade Pink Double-
Breasted Waistcoat

Albany Midnight Silk Tie

Albany Midnight
Silk Tie

 Pink Chatsworth Silk Wool Pocket Square

Pink Chatsworth Silk
Pocket Square

The key here is in the definition of "mix", which is to say that you choose a waistcoat, tie and pocket square that are different from one another and yet complement each other. "Clash", therefore, is not "mix"! So one could choose a colour, say blue, and have his triumvirate adhere to different tones within a blue palette, for example, a navy blue waistcoat, sky blue tie and navy polka dot pocket square. Or if the waistcoat is pink, the tie could be a red polka dot style with a cream pocket square.

Navy Hardewick Linen Double-Breasted Shawl Lapel Waistcoat

Navy Hardewick Linen
Double-Breasted Shawl
Lapel Waistcoat


Rust Durlston Paisley
Silk/Wool Tie


Albany Midnight Silk
Pocket Square

One can also incorporate neutral tones into a colour scheme since the blend easily and allow bolder colours to shine. Hence silver, cream, grey, and pastel tones are all great canvasses to bounce bolder reds, pinks, greens and whatever else off of. The point is that using a mix shows that there has been some thought and intent in the decision, whereas opting for a homogenous trio is playing it safe at best, and just plain boring otherwise.

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