Summer Dress Codes For Ladies

Summer Dress Codes For Ladies

Weddings and summer events will now start coming thick and fast, which means you'll be required to wear any number of different outfits this season. Many events will stipulate a dress code, some more enigmatic than others (black tie beach wedding anyone?), but hopefully you won't need to read between the lines. We've deciphered the most common summer dress codes for you to take away any of the ambiguity and ensure you arrive at the event with full confidence in your look.


Black Tie/Formal

While the chaps have this one sewn up pretty easily with a tuxedo or a morning suit, black tie for ladies is a little less prescriptive. For the most part, ladies have one big decision to make: long gown, or something more modern. Either way, both have to be glamorous. The long gown speaks for itself, but what about alternatives? Well, take a hint from the boys and opt for a tuxedo jacket. Made popular by Yves Saint Laurent's 'Le Smoking", a feminine tuxedo jacket is a super sophisticated alternative to the gown, especially when paired with some black fluid palazzo pants. Complement them with some statement heels and bold jewellery and you have a really dynamic and contemporary approach to formalwear. Otherwise, a sheer silk organza coat such as our Belgravia style is another excellent option, helping to create a svelte and statuesque figure. 



Many weddings often stipulate cocktail attire on the invitations, since much of the day revolves around the party. That brings into play shorter dresses (but not too short!) as well as cigarette pants. The great thing about both is that they can be dressed up with fun strappy sandals and glitzy jewellery for a fun approach. Our silk dresses are a great option since they have that inimitable glamour that only silk can provide, plus they can be paired with some of our more extravagant silk coats.


First thing's first, just because the dress code says 'informal' doesn't mean that you can not give a damn, especially if the event is a wedding. Being over-dressed is infinitely more preferable than being underdressed so take the 'informal' moniker with a pinch of salt. We love wearing things like a fun floral print dress with perhaps a flat heel or a kitten heel, or maybe a fun and dynamic A-line dress with a pleated skirt. Another excellent option is our crepe silk jumpsuits with can be made to look really chic with a pair of striking strappy heels and architectural jewellery.


The dress code no one wants to see, or can't see because it's not on the bloody invite! If you're familiar with the sender, then a quick phone call will clarify, but otherwise your best bet is to research the venue and see what sort of events it has put on in the past. Instagram is a great resource for this. If that comes up short, then your safest course of action is to go with something elegant and simple such as a silk slip dress, and take with you a pair of heels and flats so you can style it out in different ways. You can make it understated and minimalist or fun and informal. The same goes for coats. Our Windsor coat with a shawl lapel and an A-line skirt is a stunning example of less is more, allowing the bold silhouette to work its magic, while the soft tone lends it gravitas.