The Register - Royal Ascot Edition!

It's finally upon us! Royal Ascot, the world's most famous and competitive race meet is back after being run behind closed doors last year. This year, the event is part of a pilot programme and hence will be admitting some 12,000 racegoers on each of the five days, making for a glorious spectacle. As such, we've dedicated this issue of the Register to all things Royal Ascot to ensure you are fully prepped, even if you are only watching it on TV!

Introducing the Royal Ascot Collection

For the first time in its 310-year history, the famously stringent dress code of the Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot will allow for gentlemen to wear a navy morning suit alongside the traditional black and grey style this June. To acknowledge this sartorial first, we’re thrilled to announce that as the Official Licensee of Royal Ascot 2021, we have created the navy three-piece ‘Furlong’ morning suit in superfine merino cloth as the centrepiece of a unique Favourbrook x Royal Ascot capsule collection. Click on the link to read all about this stunning capsule, not only for attending Ascot but for all of you formalwear requirements, not least weddings too!

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How to dress for Royal Enclosure

There are, unofficially, two parade rings at Royal Ascot - the first is where the horses are lead out for all to cast their eyes over, and the second is the Royal Enclosure, where the gents dress in their top hats and morning coats and the ladies in their showpiece dresses, coats and creative hats. The sartorial rules are straightforward for gentlemen, but you don't want to fall foul of them for risk of non-admission so read our guide to give you full confidence in your choice of attire.

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How to choose a waistcoat for Royal Ascot

When choosing a waistcoat for Ascot and in particular, the Royal Enclosure, your first consideration should be the rules! The Royal Enclosure has, of course, the most stringent criteria when it comes to dress code, but the only caveat regarding waistcoats is that they should not be of the novelty variety (nor should your tie). Anything worn to attract attention will inevitably be attracting the wrong attention to read this article to discover classically elegant styles that will turn heads for all the right reasons.

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Morning suit trousers

When most of us think of morning suit trousers, it is the charcoal gray “Cashmere Stripe” variety that typically springs to mind, those being the most traditional style. But in fact there are a number of different options and permutations you can consider and this article will tell you all about them.

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Every day is ladies' day

While the gents busy themselves with their choice of morning suit and waistcoat, Royal Ascot is, let's face it, all about the ladies! There are few more appropriate events to whip out your finest dress, jacket and hat combination than Royal Ascot so we have prepared a short style guide to ensure that your outfit is right on the mark. With luxurious fabrics and classic silhouettes, Favourbrook has everything you need to be first past the style post this year!

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