Bronze Goddess: The New Eton Coat

Just as some of art history's finest sculptures have been carved in bronze, we decided to take our perennial Eton coat silhouette and cast it in a similarly golden metallic hue. We wanted to create a tone that could be worn equally during a formal day event, as well as being a glamorous option for sophisticated eveningwear. Metallic tones are typically only reserved for the latter, but this bronze colour is different. When rendered in plush silk velvet, it has an almost golden hue in natural light, but after nightfall, a deep bronze tone takes over, proving to be a seductively rich colour. Naturally, silk velvet is an incredible fabric under the lights, and this tone really brings out the best of it.

 Eton Coat Bronze Prouve Silk Velvet

Eton Coat Bronze
Prouve Silk Velvet

The hand embroidery details are exquisite, adding a delicate and feminine motif to the silhouette. Both during the day and in the evening, it can be styled with light tone dresses in nude and neutral hues, such as cream, beige, pastel pink, and white. For evening events, it is especially complemented by silk dresses in understated tones, benefitting from the textural contrast between the silk and the velvet. 

One of the incorrect perceptions about velvet is that it's a heavy winter fabric, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Our silk velvet is incredibly lightweight, with a very fluid handle that drapes perfectly.