Late Runners for Royal Ascot!

With Royal Ascot less than a month away, if you're lucky enough to be attending but haven't sorted out your look yet, then there is still time! From June 20th to the 24th, you can be guaranteed world-class horse racing at such an historic venue, with unprecedented hospitality, glamour, and atmosphere. Hence your morning suit ensemble needs to stand up to the occasion! We've curated the most important style journals we've penned on dressing for Royal Ascot, so if you are still in the need of a morning suit, or want to spruce up your look with a new set of accessories, then the stories below will provide all the advice you need.

The Fundamentals of Formalwear

Exactly what is says on the tin! If you are new to morning dress and don't know where to start, fear not! This article will expertly navigate you through the potential minefield that is formalwear, explaining all the rules (and the ones you can bend) so you will never have a sartorial mishap.

How Should a Morning Suit Fit?

At Favourbrook, we don't provide a rental service for morning suits, but we understand that owning one isn't for everyone. But whether you are intending to purchase your first, are looking to rent for this year, or perhaps have inherited one that needs some alterations, this article is an excellent guide to understanding exactly how a morning suit should fit.

Navy or Charcoal? Two Modern Alternatives

If you are looking for something a little different from the traditional black tail coat and cashmere stripe trousers, then this article will perfectly explain the nuances of the charcoal morning suit (as preferred by His Majesty King Charles III), and the midnight navy morning suit, which was only recently admitted into the Royal Enclosure. Both are stunning options, of course, and can be styled slightly differently in terms of waistcoat choices.

To Mix or Match Your Accessories?

One question we often get asked in store is whether or not to mix or match one's waistcoat with one's tie and pocket square. The question is usually posed in relation to morning dress for a wedding but we feel that the answer is just as applicable to all types of sartorial style, whether it be a business suit or semi-casual tailoring. And the answer is quite simple... mix! This article will show you how.